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Message By Medical Director

Welcome address by Medical Director KPJ Kuantan

Dear Colleagues.

On behalf of KPJ Kuantan, I would like to extend a very Happy New Year and Xong Xi Fa Cai to each and everyone of you. As in every new business ventures, there are bound to be hiccups and delays . I am happy to say that we have overcome most of the hurdles and finally received our CF for KPJ Kuantan . We, The Management of KPJ Kuantan has put in a lot of hard work and effort to ensure you a first class tertiary level hospital facility to practice your speciality. You should indeed be proud to be given the privilege to work with KPJ Kuantan. As you may be aware, we had a large pool of applicants for the various specialities. When choosing suitable candidates to work with KPJ, we take into consideration many other factors apart from your professional qualifications . Each and everyone of you is indeed very special to us. I am sure with your vast experience, you will be able to provide first class service to the Kuantan Valley population.

Its our aspiration to be the preferred healthcare provider and my personal aspiration to make KPJ Kuantan the brightest jewel in the KPJ `s group of Hospitals. Our marketing team has put in tremendous effort to position our hospital to meet our aspirations. We have done a market survey, population dermographics and needs as well as expectations of the community here. We would like to make KPJ Kuantan a Community based hospital, working closely with the GPs as well as several NGOs as the ACMAR Group, particularly with the Kuantan Executive Club. In this context, the management has taken part in several publicity campaigns and will be organizing many more. We will soon have a gathering with about 150 GPs who will be brifed about the facilities and will be offered `privilege cards` to use the services of KPJ Kuantan. The same will be for Insurance and other multi national companies.

Our hospital website is www.kpjKuantan.com. I would urge everyone to be familiar with the website. Your biodata and speciality services will be included. It is an interactive website and GPs and doctors can make online appointments. Referrals and replies from and to GPs can be made through this portal. It is a tremendous tool to promote yourself. We also have the KPJ Care for Life , 2 monthly magazine where articles are welcome for publications We also propse to have an inhouse monthly newsletter for internal circulation amongst hospital staff and Gps.

KPJ Kuantan is one of the hospitals identified by the Government via the ETP (Economic Transformation Plan) to be a leading Health Tourism Facility. With this in mind, we will aspire to get KPJ Kuantan accredidated both nationally and internationally via MSQH an JCI. Several committees have been set up and I will be writing to you personally to chair some of this committees. Your input and contributions will be much appreciated. In line with Continous Professional Developem ent(CPD) we will have medical presentations by our doctors/medical staff every Wednesday lunch time. At our Seminar Room . Gps and fellow Consultants from sister hospitals will be invited . CME points will be awarded and I would like our Consultants to take part actively in this seminars as well as in research activities. KPJ College has recently been elevated to Univesity College, and the Medical Faculty will be starting soon. Consultants

keen on teaching and research can volunteer their services.

We have made special arrangements with the KEC (Kuantan Executive Club) and you will be briefed re the special discounts and privileges to be members of this club if you choose to do so.

I will be meeting the Consultants in batches (speciality based) to discuss KPJ policies, practices and fee schedules. Wherever possible I would like you to have `packages` for promotion especially for the first two years. I am sure, you may have apprehensions going into a new venture , especially for those of you who are joining the private sector for the first . I would like to assure you the management will make every effort to make this transition smooth and provide the condusive environment to practice. Please do not hesitate to call me or any of the members of senior management should you need any help.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Dato Dr SivamohanN
Medical Director
KPJ Kuantan